Vintage Book Of Hand Loom Weaving On Cd

Vintage Book Of Hand Loom Weaving On Cd

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This vintage book on CD covers the details of hand loom weaving. Its chapters include:

Chapter One.
The Primitive Loom

Chapter Two.
A Chat on Weaving

Chapter Three.
First Steps in Weaving

Chapter Four.
Methods of Stringing Warp

Chapter Five.

Chapter Six.
Directions for Dyeing

Chapter Seven.
Methods of Splicing Materials for Weaving

Chapter Eight.
Wool and Silkoline Rugs or Mats

Chapter Nine.

Chapter Ten.
Face and Dish Cloths and Bath Rugs

Chapter Eleven.
Raffia Mats

Chapter Twelve.
Oriental Rugs

Chapter Thirteen.
Navajo Blankets

This book in CD is in PDF form.